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Can the libero be captain in volleyball? The international and USAV federations have different answers to this question. FIVB regulations are very clear: ‘liberos cannot be either the team or game captain’. USAV, on the other hand, have modified this rule to allow liberos the chance to serve as team captain, floor captain or both.

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As far as liberos go, the (most likely reason) they can’t be the floor captain is because they aren’t technically in the game in the first place. LET ME EXPLAIN. By the rules of volleyball, when a libero goes in for you in the back row, you’re still in the game. As long as you didn’t sub out, you’re still technically part of the line up.

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According to FIVB International rules, liberos can’t be team captain. While this may seem like an arbitrary rule, the captain is responsible for communicating with the officials on behalf of the team and one of the keys times this is the case is at the beginning of the match while they check the lineup.

Official Volleyball Libero (Libro) Player Rules

The libero can not be team captain or game captain. Volleyball Libero Equipment The libero must where a uniform (or jacket for the re-designation libero) whose jersey must at least contrast in color with the rest of the team members. The libero uniform may have a different design but must be numbered like the rest of the team members.

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Many leagues who allow liberos to serve will make an exception here and say that the libero may alternate from position 5 (they come off because position 4 is the front row) to position 1 (the server’s position), IF they are about to serve because this is the spot in the rotation where they are serving.

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For NFHS and NCAA rules only, the libero may be designated as the floor captain. In order to be immediately recognizable on the court, the libero wears a different jersey from the rest of the team. Their jersey must be contrasting in color with the other team members’ jerseys and must have a visible legal number on the front and back.

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The only rotation in which a libero would not be on the floor would be when one of the two players it replaces is serving. Other than that, the libero is a vital part of any teams’ back row defense.

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Like I said before, a libero is a defensive player and his role is to prevent his team from losing points. By definition, he can’t even attempt to score a point. That’s why we will never see a libero who is serving. However, in some leagues rules are different and liberos are allowed to serve.