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5 DIY Ways To Teach Your Kids Tennis

5 DIY Ways To Teach Your Kids Tennis 1. Toss n’ Catch. Stand across from each other, one person on the doubles sideline and the other person on the singles... 2. Sweet Spot. With the racket in front of you, bounce the ball off the strings of the racket and catch it. Aim for the... 3. Walk the Dog. ...

Tips for Teaching Tennis to Young Beginners Ages 4-7

Teaching Tennis to Young Beginners Ensure Success. The best way to make sure young kids have fun and learn well is to keep them experiencing success. We... Start With Basic Strokes. First, teach your children how to grip a tennis racquet. No need to buy an expensive racquet... Keep It Short and ...


Tennis is a sport that a child can learn at a young age and enjoy with friends and family for a lifetime. This guide will provide you with the right tools to get your child started correctly, keeping the focus on the fun, active and lifelong benefits of tennis. Goals It is important to keep participation in youth sports in perspective and to understand why kids play.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

12 Essential Tennis Drills for Beginners & Kids Warm-Up – Running the Lines. Before your students even begin to hit, I’ve always found it helpful to build some... The Frying Pan. If your player is a complete beginner and just getting started with tennis, it can be extremely... The Dribble. This next ...

Starting Young: 5 Must-Have Tips on Teaching Kids Tennis

Starting Young: 5 Must-Have Tips on Teaching Kids Tennis 1. Watch and Learn. Get kids familiar with the rules of the game by watching a tennis match together. Kids will be more... 2. Start Small. And by start small, we mean to start with a smaller court. Having a child stand at the baseline and... ...

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Teaching Tennis to Your Young Kids - YouTube

Watch here as coach Bill works with his 6 year old son in an effort to help guide parents in working with their kids on the tennis court.

4 Things Your Kid Should Learn in Their First Tennis Lesson

A private tennis instructor will teach beginner children the basics: hit low to high and finish the stroke across the shoulder. You may have seen some advanced junior players end their strokes closer to the hip or above their head, another aspect of modern tennis, but beginners should be learning to wrap their arm around their neck to elongate the stroke as shown in the photos below.

Tennis Programs for Kids | USTA

A child's first opportunity to be introduced to tennis is often within their PE class. Many kids and teens then have the opportunity to compete on teams in Middle School, High School, or both. Net Generation provides the tools, resources, and education to provide the best possible tennis experience within any school setting.