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What Is Reaching In Basketball? [2021 Updated Rule]

The so-called reach-in foul occurs when a defending player reaches toward the orange in an attempt to steal the ball but instead illegally contacts the ball handler. The act of reaching in by itself is not considered a foul in any rulebook, be it NBA or FIBA rulebooks. However, depending on the circumstances, it may indeed be a foul.

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One of the most confusing rules in basketball revolves around the act of "reaching in." If you play or watch basketball often, you have likely heard somebody call a reach-in foul to describe a situation wherein a defensive player reaches in to attempt to steal or deflect the ball from an offensive player who has possession. This type of foul does not actually exist and is one of the biggest myths in the game of basketball.

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If you reach in to try and grab the ball and you either steal it unfairly or you slap the opponent, it will be called as an illegal foul and will lead to either a resumption of play from the sideline or, if the team has a bonus, a free shot at the free throw line.

What Is A Reach-In Foul In Basketball? Explained

A reach-in foul is a term used to describe the defender attempting to reach in and steal or poke the basketball from the ball handler. In the attempt, the defender makes contact on the arms or impedes the ball handler’s progress or path, in which a foul will be called against the player trying to steal the ball.

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The most common example of a reach-in foul in basketball is when a player crosses over a defender while dribbling the ball. The defender attempts to steal the ball when the offender tries to crossover dribble, and this is where the reach-in foul occurs. The second instance wherein a player gets called for a reach-in foul is when a player steals the ball aggressively.

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“Reaching” is not a foul. There must be contact and the player with the ball must have been placed at a disadvantage. 5. A player may always recover his/her fumbled ball; a fumble is not a dribble, and any steps

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A five-second throw-in violation generally occurs during a throw-in when the ball is not passed by the player who is supposed to inbound the ball before 5 seconds have gone by after he or she got the ball. Usually the penalty for a five-second violation is losing of the ball from that team.

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The basketball is ruled out-of-bounds when it touches either a player, the floor, or an object that is out of bounds. The possession of the basketball goes to the opposing team of the player who was the last to touch the basketball. If the basketball lands on the line, that is still considered out of bounds. Traveling Violation